Beads On Bracelets

Don’t Overlook The Appeal of Bead Bracelets

Artistic, spiritual, decorative and practical, there are many ways beads have found a presence in the lives of humans, from the beadwork that has adorned Indigenous People’s ceremonial dress, the blessed beads in a rosary to statement pieces worn on a well-dressed person’s wrist.

The art of beading remains popular and there is always an interest in finding new ways to incorporate beads into projects such as bracelets and other jewelry.

That’s one of the best element of using beads – there’s no shortage of ways to include them in our artistic pursuits and many ways to create one-of-a-kind bracelets that express emotions and inspiration.

Made from natural elements like stone, shell, or wood, or manufactured into colorful cloisonné or neon-colored plastic, beads are a beautiful and fun addition to a piece of jewelry.

Beads are bling; they are the added pizzazz that takes a bracelet from mundane to magnificent.

Another great reason why beads rock is that there are beads that appeal to just about everyone.

Beads can be used to craft masculine and feminine jewelry.

Children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens can work with beads.

Working with beads can require much skill and practice, as evidenced in intricate beadwork patterns.

Or it can also be as simple as adding a bead to a piece of cord to create a piece of personalized bracelet as a gift.

Even fashion designers are getting into the beaded bracelet market, often featuring their design pieces along with their clothing line at high end retail outlets.

That is a change from the perception that beaded bracelets are not a fashion forward accessory.

There has even been a switch in thinking that beads are appropriate for one gender, with more and more offerings targeted to masculine appeal, such as using black beads or weaving silver or gold beads into a braided leather bracelet.

To get started in making beaded bracelets, one can invest a lot or a little into supplies, materials and tools.

Look for patterns like those offered by ittybea, which can help focus your creativeness.

The important considerations are to start with simple design patterns and move to more intricate ones as your skill level improves.

Forgive yourself if you notice a mistake in color pattern or if a bracelet does not come out like you expected.

Sometimes it is the flaws that make our creations truly unique.

Another suggestion is to try out different types of materials to find which ones work best for you.

Elastic is popular for the one-size-fits-all characteristics, but other popular materials are wire and leather.

When choosing your beads consider size, shape and what they are made of.

Seed beads are small and more tedious to string, but can create intricate patterns.

Pony beads are easier to use.

There are many other sizes to consider when designing your piece.

Stone, bone, wood and shell are also options to add natural elements to a beaded bracelet.

Metal and glass beads are also popular and add a polished element to the bracelet.

Pick what feels right and works best for you.

If you haven’t made a beaded bracelet since summer camp eons ago, it’s time to try it again.

The wow factor that can be achieved when beads are incorporated into a bracelet design will delight you.