Beads In Clothing

Beads are very popular, especially with young kids who want to feel special and have a sense of individuality with whatever they wear.

And while you can incorporate beads into your wardrobe in various ways, there is nothing quite like wearing beads on your actual clothing itself.

The hard nature of beads really works well when combined with the soft fabric-nature of clothing, making them the perfect complement to one another.

But beads can’t just go anywhere on clothing.

Often, beads go at the fringe areas of the clothing, such as the bottom of a shirt, or on the very edge of a shirt’s sleeves.

Or if it is a dress, the beads will often go at the very bottom, which is nice because if the dress is really free-flowing, the beads will move around with it in a similar manner, which is just a beautiful sight to behold.

For young girls, a very popular thing to do is to have beads hang on little pieces of fabric and let those pieces of fabric hang from the top of their boots.

This creates a nice ring of beads at the top of their boots which definitely creates a sense of individuality.

The length and color of the fabric can be modified accordingly, as can the color and material of the beads.

When so many kids go to school wearing the same boring footwear, having a unique pair of boots that incorporates beads will surely help them stand out from the crowd.

Even for older women, beads can be incorporated into their more formal attire.

Similar to a regular button, you can fasten beads on relatively inconspicuous places on your formal wear.

Places like the color or breast area are great places to put beads that not only add color to your outfit, but a touch of class as well, especially if you use beads that are shiny or have a high-quality look and feel to them.

One more popular way to utilize beads in clothing is to use them to line your clothing, in place of regular stitching.

For example, if you have a nice pair of jeans but feel like the stitching on the sides of the jeans that run from top to bottom are just too boring for you, you can add beads to cover up the stitching.

You can glue them on with gorilla glue, or stitch them directly into your clothing – either way works.

As long as you set the beads in firmly, with whatever method you choose, you will end up with a great looking pair of clothing that actually emphasizes the seams in a colorful, creative way!

No matter how you decide to go about doing it, always keep in mind that incorporating beads into your clothing choices is all about bringing out your own personality and style.

Regardless of what colors you want to use and where you want to place your beads on your clothing, remember that there are no wrong answers!

Now go out, buy some colorful beads and create the perfect wardrobe that you’ve always been looking for!