Introduction To Bead Weaving

Bead weaving is an art that involves joining together bead seeds using either a thin string or wire.

The result is a breathtaking piece of decoration.

The art of bead weaving dates back to as early as 3100 BC but it’s a timeless skill that has excited men and women of all ages through history.

The ancient Egyptians Faience beadwork came before glass beads and it has remained a beautiful work of art to date.

Native Americans learnt the skill from European explorers.

Coming in different materials, colors, sizes, shapes and pattern designs, beaded decorations are so irresistible.

Examples of beadwork include jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much more.

They’re even incorporated into clothing to add a unique mix of history and culture into fashion.

How about acquiring a fashionable belt or dress beautifully decorated with beads?

Simply amazing stuff right there.

Materials Used for Beads

The most common materials used to make beads include plastic, glass, bones, wood, teeth, and certain tree seeds.

Faience which is made by mixing clay, sand silica, soda, and lime, has long been in use as well.

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Bead Weaving Patterns

There are numerous unique patterns applied in making beadwork.

You may find the weaving skill a bit challenging but there are lots of diy tutorials on the internet.

Many people do it as a hobby while for others it’s a fulltime engagement.

The patterns used may symbolize something special or communicate some information.

Better still, the pattern chosen may give you a sign of identity.

Standard bead weaving pattern stitches include brick stitch, peyote stitch, ladder, square, right angle weave, herringbone, and circular brick stitch weaving.

Ittybea insect designs are so cool and can be a nice gift for your kids.

With the ability to make 3-D beadwork products, it’s an art that you can always admire.

Weaving can be done by hand or by using a bead looming machine.

Beadworkers put their time and skill to produce weaving patterns that stand the test of time.

With durable materials, these colorful decorations can make lasting memories.

If you visit most museums around the world you may never miss to spot these lovely works of art.

They’ve been preserved as cultural heritage and the appearance and patterns are still what you’d love to own.

What’s more, there are free weaving patterns to guide you in form of templates.

If you’re interested in bead weaving techniques, it’s never a dull moment in this field.

You can fall in love with the great styles and designs available in beadworks.

They’re all suitable for the whole family.

From jewelry to personal accessories, key chains, to clothing, handbags, sandals, beads find a wide array of applications in almost every aspect of our lifes.

Some people even use beadwork products for religious purposes.

Celebrities, models, and people from all works of life in one way or the other use beaded decorations or incorporate them into almost anything in their life.

The fact that they’re timeless makes them everlasting wonderful gifts for your friends, relatives or loved ones.

You’ll cherish these stuff for many years.

Perhaps you even own a piece of this artwork and can attest to the valuable beauty it brings to your life.

If you don’t own one, please make an effort of getting it.

You’ll not regret having a colorfully crafted beadwork pattern.