The Allure Of Beads

As much as you may love incorporating beads into your lifestyle, there’s a good chance that you haven’t really examined why you love beads so much.

Here we’ll take the time to go over just why beads are so alluring in all of its many shapes and forms.

Have you ever truly looked at a bead?

It is absolutely beautiful, in fact some people would go as far as to say that they are perfect.

You can set them on the center of a table for hours and have them roll back into your hands against the force of gravity, watching as the circular movements are almost hypnotising.

Most beaded objects come in many different styles, colors, and designs.

They are full of beauty, and two of the exact some beads are never fully the same if you really think about it, a small notch might be knocked out of one, but not in the other.

A swirl design that is crafted into one, might be spinning in the different direction against the shiny surface of the next bead in the mixture that you find in the bag, it is like an art of mystery, a world of constantly wondering what you are going to get next every single time you find one.

They make an excellent addition to any item, they can be added to clothes to give your style a more relaxed, personal touch.

You can put them on a purse or a wallet, to give a earthy vibe to almost any material, as they sway and gently blow in the wind as if chimes where following you every where you travel.

The concept of a “bead” is so mesmerizing and enchanting in fact, that they are even used as the main concept for a severely underrated type of sex toy, believe it or not!

They come in many different forms of material as well, you can find these sphere like objects constructed of plastic, ceramic, glass and some times even wood.

Sometimes they are painted with the gentle sway of an artist brush, delicately adding a unique vibe to each individual article that you find in any arts store or at your local farmers market.

I think that beads are a very underappreciated form of art and they should be given a far higher standing on the level of amazement to which they offer us all as a peice of culture.

The people who utilize these small spheres of beauty the most throughout time are the Native americans, they used these gems on everything from hair, headdress, shoes, bags, and many more articles of wear that we so mindlessly miss every day in our wardrobe.

If you ever get the chance to truly sit down and just admire these small flakes of art that can be held in the palm of your hand, you should take this opportunity to allow the captivating energy of these objects to engulf you.

They carry a great deal of personal entertainment, whether you are planning on using them for design purposes or if you are wanting to just buy a random bag of beads and sit down patiently while you enjoy each one and see with a keen eye of how each one is different and appreciate the amount of time that was placed into each part of this craft.

It will make you take something so small, something that you might have normally passed up as nothing more than a mere bead, a mere item that you might have before overlooked, has now become a piece of art that you are beginning to realize is absolutely alluring at the least.